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           Quality. Style. Affordability.            Organized Chaos.

Organized Chaos is a unique Boutique. Our approach is upscale and simple. We provide retro trendy, quality pieces from the past, new practical items and your everyday novelty's.. We strive to provide you with quality, style and affordability.  Watch out world! Organized Chaos brings a new meaning to "second hand". 

Who We Are

Organized Chaos Boutique was founded in a tiny room in California by Diana Torres Jimenez. It has since made its way into becoming the site to see. Diana a small business owner (link below) has spent the last 10 years doing what she loves...... Getting you organized one chaos at a time! After many years Diana's collection has grown into countless treasures that she has hand picked for you. #OCB is a trendy mesh of all her favorite things. #OCB has taken her love and passion for Organization and transformed it into quality and affordable commodities all for a good price. Diana cant wait to shop with you!

We will be expanding soon so stay tune more to come.

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